Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi, everyone!

It occurred to me (as I was posting on another blog, actually!), that I've been telling you how to cook this, that and the other thing, without sharing my "kitchen stuff" list with you! Omigosh! I'm so sorry! Here it is, with my compliments:


For the Beginner” (I have a "For the experienced cook" list, too)

Pots and Pans:

1 Dutch Oven
1 large (11”) skillet
1 small (7-8”) skillet
1 (1-qt) saucepan (also called a ‘saute pan’)
1 (2-qt) saucepan
1 (3-qt) saucepan
1 (4-qt) saucepan
1 4-qt) pressure cooker
1 set (4, 8, 12-qt) stock pots
1 small (12”) colander

1 set mixing bowls:

1 (1-pint)
1 (1-quart)
1 (1-gallon)

1 pasta server
1 wire cheese cutter
1 cheese knife and board
1 corkscrew
1 box grater
1 rasp

1 (2 cup) Pyrex or aluminum measuring cup
1 set of Measures (1/4c, 1/3c, 1/2c, 1c)
1 sifter
3 (8-9”) aluminum cake pans
3 (8-9”) aluminum pie pans
1 (9”x2”x13”) aluminum rectangular pan
(aka “lasagna pan”)
2 cookie sheets
2 muffin pans (2-1/2” cups)
2 round aluminum pizza pans

3 lg cooking spoons, metal
(solid, pierced, slotted)
1 ladle, metal
3 wooden spoons
1-2 wire whisks (“whips”)
1 (3”) wire mesh strainer
1 (6”) wire mesh strainer
1 potato masher
1 rolling pin
1 pancake turner (solid)
1 egg turner (slotted)
1 set measuring spoons (1/4tsp—1 Tbsp)
1 metal spatula (for frosting cakes)
2-4 plastic or rubber spatulas
(preferably heat-resistant)
1 pair kitchen shears
12 (14”) metal skewers
2-3 metal tongs
2 (1-1/2”) brushes for greasing pans, brushing on
B barbecue sauce, etc.
1 (6”) funnel
1 (10-12”) funnel
1 salad set, wooden or plastic (fork and spoon)

1 (9”) French Cooks knife
2-3 paring knives
1 (11”) serrated slicer
1 large butcher’s knife
1 (8-9”) utility knife
1 knife sharpener (manual)

I kitchen string holder and sturdy string
Bamboo skewers (1 pkg)
1 sugar sifter
Sugar bowl and creamer
1 bottle opener with triangular tip
(aka “a churchkey”)
1 nutcracker-and-picks set
Plastic decorating bags and tips

Since you won’t have enough knives for a proper knife holder, why not take a medium-sized new flowerpot, decorate it with acrylic paints to match your d├ęcor, and fill it with cheap wooden chopsticks.

Once it’s full of clean chopsticks, it’s a simple matter to store your knives,
blade downward in this flowerpot for easy access and handy storage.

Your decorating bag will come in handy for piping a pretty edging of roasted
garlic mashed potatoes around the edges of a hot Shepherd’s Pie, and will be
helpful in “prettying up” your muffins and layer cakes. It’s a big help, too, in
filling devilled eggs and topping desserts with home-whipped cream or one of
those blocks of cream cheese, mixed with minced pineapple. Mmmm…

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