Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Because we are having a wedding in the family this week, it occurred to me that many young people don't really know what's needed to run a kitchen. I'm sure that different ladies would nominate additional or substitute items, but these are the things I find most needful. I hope you enjoy cooking with all of them, and have fun doing it!

For the Beginner:

Pots and Pans:

I Dutch Oven
1 large (11”) skillet
1 small (7-8”) skillet
1 (1-qt) saucepan (also called ‘saute pan’)
1 (2-qt) saucepan
1 (3-qt) saucepan
1 (4-qt) pressure cooker
I set mixing bowls:
1 (1-pint)
1 (1-quart)
1 (1-gallon)
1 8 qt stock pot
1 small (12”) colander
1 pasta server
1 wire cheese cutter
1 cheese knife and board
1 corkscrew
1 box grater
1 (2 cup) Pyrex measuring cup
1 set plastic Measures—(1/4c, 1/3 c, ½ c, 1 c)
1 sifter
3 (8-9”) cake pans
3 metal pie pans
1 (9”x13”x2”) rectangular pan
(aka ‘lasagna pan’)
2 cookie sheets
2 muffin pans (2-1/2” cups)


3 lg cooking spoons, metal
(solid, pierced, slotted)
1-2 wire whisks (“whips”)
1 (3”) wire mesh strainer
1 (6”) wire mesh strainer
1 potato masher
1 pancake turner
1 metal spatula (for frosting cakes)
1 meat fork
2-3 metal tongs
2-4 plastic or rubber spatulas
(preferably heat-resistant)
1 pair kitchen shears
12 (14”) metal skewers


1 (9”) French Cook’s knife
2-3 paring knives
1 (“) serrated slicer
1 large butcher’s knife
1 knife sharpener (manual)

large wooden cutting board
smaller wooden cutting board

(I specify wood because wood 'heals' itself
and doesn't retain harmful germs the way
plastic is said to do.)

Watch for 'The Big Family Cookbook,' coming soon to

Remember to let me know what you think of the recipes, and of the blog in general! If there is something you’ve always wanted to cook, or grow, or both, let me know and I’ll do a post on it. This is a gift from me to you, and as with all gifts, I’d like it to be something you really want.

Thanks, and God love you!


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